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Condensation Poblems: How to stop Condensation damp in your home

First diagnose the type of damp you suffer from..... condensation is usually easy to control if you know how!

Diagnosing your problem Why is my home is damp? Condensation? Plumbing leaks? Rising damp? Penetrating damp? Failing to diagnose the problem correctly will prolong the ordeal and is expensive.

Condensation Solutions Be assured you'll be able to manage the problem permanently - we're on hand to advise you which solution is best for you and answer your questions.

Products We offer a selected range of condensation control systems: Competent DIY fitting or ask a local electrician

The products we offer represent the best value for money - effectiveness, quality, and reliability. With over 25 years experience in damp control we know what works well and, just as important, what's useless..

Please don't suffer because of condensation - contact us and we can help you.

Stephen Linley-Shaw CSSW CSRT Dryhomes senior surveyor